November 29, 2011

Ignis announces 300ppi true RGB pixel AMOLED

Ignis Innovation has just announced that it has developed an AMOLED screen with a pixel density of over 300 ppi that uses a conventional RGB matrix. So far, the only AMOLEDs that boasted such density were using the often criticized PenTile matrix.
The newly announced screen also features a new pixel circuit and driving scheme to compensate for the non-uniformity and enhance the lifetime of such a high-ppi display.
According to Ignis, these techniques will enable the creation of AMOLEDs that match the resolution of the Apple Retina display, but offer substantially better color quality, higher contrast ratio, and wider viewing angles.
Ignis Innovation doesn't plan on manufacturing the screen itself - instead, it will just stick to licensing it to OEMs. There's no saying though when we might get a change to try this new technology on an actual device.
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