HTC Sensation

Hello every one!

Here is a new MegaMix of sense 3.5 roms, the best of all of them in one rom

RCMix 3.5 All In One


  • Base - 1.05.401.4 Runnymede, android 2.3.5, with Stock and Bliss Rosie(launcher) and Runny HTC Beats.
  • Kernel - Stock sense 3.5
  • Bliss/Stock flavour choosable within tweaks 
  • Virtuous Auto Install Script - Thx RMK for that  (read more about that here)
    This feature will do no harm, so if you dont want to use it, just install the rom as it is 
  • Optimized and zipaligned all apks (to leave as low memory fingerprint as possible)
  • HTC Beats
  • Sensation XL clockwidget
  • Super smoothness selectable within tweaks
  • Low memory optimizations
  • Lots of tweak scripts
  • Advanced Power Menu
  • NEW More extended RCTeam Tweaks in settings *Note that some stuff need to be downloaded from our server!
    - Choosable Boot/Down animation
    - Choosable system fonts
    - Keyboard with or without arrows
    - Wake with volume buttons
    - Volume Key Camera
    - Hide Navbar label (Stock flavour)
    - Rosie 5/4 column on/off
    - Bliss/Stock flavour launcher
    - Clock center feature and colour change
    - CRT animations on/off
    - Battery % and colour change
    - dB signal on/off
    - Overglow/bounce on/off
    - Show/hide the quicksettings you want or need
    - Show/hide recent apps in dragdown menu
    - More settings on longpress in quicksettings (try to longpress some of the options)
    - #*#*4696*#*# (phone info and advanced settings)
    - Camera sound on/off, Block adds on/off, White/Black SystemUI, Andrev/Virtuous OC Daemon and many many more !!
  • Keyboard with arrows, arrows can be turned on/off in tweaks 
  • Sliding animation on keyboard popup
  • Camera with extended options (bitrate choice for 1080p recording), Thx m-deejay for that
  • SMS/MMS backup feature
  • HTC Notes
  • Quicklaunch widget (the one you see on screens) + all other goodies from runny and bliss roms
  • Latest Market app
  • Latest Superuser + su binary
  • Updated google apps
  • TMobile WIFI calling + Video Chat (auto detect sensation 4g and istalls needed apps)
  • Screenshot with Power+Home
  • + more

Download v10


  1. You and your team are awesome. I realy think for your true fans on your blog should get the first option of your new updates just my opinoion rct team is truly perfection. Thank's for your hard work.

  2. IS there a way to put a custom bootanimation and downanimation?

  3. hi
    thank you for your work
    download link is down
    please give me new download link


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