December 13, 2011

[ROM][DEV][★Sense 3.5★][09 Dec]RCMix 3.5 v10, MegaMix All in one

  • Rebased to Runny base. All previous rtl fixes or framework/app mods, should be redone to work. dont flash old mods.
  • Added new extended RCTeam Tweaks, you need to see it 
  • Added battery fix
  • Added Bravia engine
  • Keyboard with arrows, arrows can be turned on/off in tweaks
  • Wake with volume buttons, available in tweaks
  • Volume Key Camera, available in tweaks
  • Hide Navbar label (in stock flavour), available in tweaks
  • Camera sound on/off, Block adds on/off, White/Black SystemUI, Andrev/Virtuous OC Daemon and many many more, available in TWEAKS !!

Download v10

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