November 24, 2011

RCMix3d Runny XL v1.0


  • status bar transparency added to tweaks, different levels
  • Fixed Honeycomb lockscreen text bug
  • Tweaks - Volume Key Screen On
  • Tweaks - 5x5 Appdrawer
  • Tweaks - Hide Navbar Text
  • Tweaks - Volume Key Camera Shutter Button
  • New tweaks, keylight settings, full 2D smooth hack by hamdir
  • Tweak: bliss rosie switch (all working)
  • Tweak: hamdir supersmooth scrolling switch (not really needed as it is very smooth)
  • Choose lockscreen sense aosp honeycomb aosp
  • Reboot menu from apm in quicksettings (hot restart, normal, bootloader &
  • Quicksettings volume can shift between audio's by soft pressing icon
  • Longpress quicksetting takes you to menu of item (most of them)
  • Maxthon browser rcmix3d edition added
  • More quicksettings added (flashlight, hot reboot, wireless adb)
  • New bootanimation
  • SMS screen on, on recieve option in tweaks
  • Browser tab fix
  • Quicklaunch widget added (mods for gfx coming)
  • Secure sms and block list, trashcan, enable in sms settings
  • Keyboard slide in animation
  • Crt added
  • Added advance power menu
  • User apps auto install written by rmk40
  • 3D homescreen option added
  • Initial release

  • FC's on boot up and black screen, trying to collect info to fix it, so people who have the device please help out, as i dont have one

 RCMix Runny XL v1.0 - MD5: 4256bb35656910f910d0215ff24f92e4


  1. is there any screenshoot for this ROM?

  2. Ermm.... how does this work? Is it a new ROM or a patch?

  3. its a rom but dont download as i flashed it and havent been able to use my phone gets stuck trying to boot up and when it does i boot up i get blackscreen after lockscreen also no status bar


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