December 7, 2011

Intel, Micron unveil first 128-gigabit flash chip, provide double the data density

Realign the data and the previous 32 and 64 gigabit roadblocks to flash storage disappear. Today, Intel and Micron announced the first 128 gigabit NAND flash chip. The chip, which was created through the companies' joint IM Flash Technologies venture, is smaller than a fingertip, created through a 20 nanometer manufacturing process and is capable of 333 megatransfers per second with the option of stacking as many as eight chips on top of each other. What makes the new NAND unique is its planar structure that allows individual memory cells to scale much smaller than before. When combined with a Hi-K/metal gate combo to keep the power leaks to a minimum, presto, you've got flash memory denser than your mother-in-law's fruitcake. Mass production of the 128Gb chips isn't due until the first half of 2012, but you can get a more in-depth intro to the future of flash right now in the PR below.

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