December 2, 2011

Motorola DROID RAZR MAX to come with a bigger battery?

When we're looking at very thin phones, or at ones with LTE radios, battery life is a concern we keep front in our minds. When both those circumstances apply, as with the recent Motorola Droid RAZR, our awareness of power issues is piqued. Especially considering that the RAZR's battery isn't user-replaceable, its performance could easily make-or-break the handset. When we reviewed the RAZR, we found its battery life adequate for our tests, though it was definitely pushing the boundary of having enough capacity to make it through the day; for heavy users, the phone might just fall short. Could Motorola be aware of this limitation, and be working on a slightly-revised RAZR to address battery concerns? Today we uncovered some signs that might point to the existence of just such a model.

We came across a series of photos that, while not showing-off anything interesting themselves, hid some tantalizing clues away in their EXIF data, marked as being shot by the Motorola Droid RAZRMAX. That's the first time we've seen that name, though the Motorola RAZR Maxx, sans Droid and with an extra "x", was an old flip phone on Verizon.

Armed with this name, we went looking for any other evidence of the phone, and found some forum comments from earlier this week that mentioned a "Razr Max". The poster recalled a visit to a Verizon store, where he claims a Verizon employee told him such a phone would be coming out in the future, a little thicker than the Droid RAZR we know now due to the inclusion of a larger-capacity battery.

On its own, it's easy to dismiss a story like that as coming from the imagination of an overzealous retail employee, but the fact that we already had the RAZRMAX name before coming across the post has us thinking that there might actually be something to it.

We're not sure just what the plans are for this hardware, but we'll definitely be looking to find more information to help flesh-out our picture of it. Might there just be a new battery, or could Motorola have other changes (like a new HD display) in store for the phone?

Source: Razr Forumsdroid razr max

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