December 12, 2011

New concept video of Samsung flexible, transparent AMOLED display!

concept video of Samsung flexible, transparent AMOLED display
Back in 2010 Samsung first shows Flexible and Transparent AMOLED Display which was only prototype show-case that time. At CES 2011 flexible, transparent AMOLED display shows it’s glory, you can curve the display easily to get perfect viewing angles, and they are simply beautiful, vivid and gorgeous. We were too excited to see them on actual device in market and few months ago Samsung promised to bring them sometime in 2012. The company did also published demo video of a concept device named Galaxy Skin few months ago. It seems Samsung is on the track to debuting its flexible displays in 2012 as they just released another concept video of flexible AMOLED screen.

Other big companies like Sony, AUO, LG, HP, Toshiba, TDK also working on such technology. So it would be very interesting to see who will be first to be able to produce flexible, transparent AMOLED display! We are hoping to see something in upcoming CES. So, what you think? Ready for some new excitment in 2012? Stay tuned with us

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