December 8, 2011

Sony Ericsson Xperia HD (Nozomi) leaks again, less blurry and more beautiful

We showed you the next-generation Xperia device, codenamed “Nozomi,” last month but now there is a much clearer and more enticing shot that has leaked from Hong Kong.
While it looks like it’s running a new version of the Xperia skin, it appears to be sitting atop Gingerbread at the moment. Those three dots below the screen might be placeholders for an Ice Cream Sandwich implementation in the future, but we can’t say for sure. The leaker confirmed a dual-core chip inside, hopefully a Snapdragon S4, a stunning 720p screen, and that the thin device is already being tested in certain Asian markets.
Hope to hear more soon!
Source: Engadget

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