December 17, 2011

Truck containing 5,200 BlackBerry PlayBooks was stolen, estimated value between $1.7 million – $5 million

A truck containing 5,200 BlackBerry PlayBooks has been stolen, and depending on the version (16GB, 32GB, or 64GB) the estimated value is worth between $1.7 million – $5 million. Apparently the situation went down something like this: the truck driver was enroute from Bright Point Distribution center in Plainfield, Indiana to Ontario and he decided to make a pit stop to eat and shower. One hour later he returned to find his truck, and precious cargo, was MIA. The Police and FBI Interstate Task Force are currently looking at surveillance video from the Pilot truck stop, but state that when electronics are stolen they usually end up in the Miami area… Somebody out there is now living in the lap of luxury!
Source: WIBC
Via: CrackBerry & N4BB

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  1. Perhaps a good thing. They were never going to sell that many. The insurance will come in handy.


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