January 25, 2012

A closer look at Sony SmartWatch (Hands on / Demo Video)

Sony SmartWatch
Fancy to wear a smart watch which will let you do things without taking out the phone  from your pocket? Sony just shows off it’s new SmartWatch at CES. This social network oriented device on your wrist able to connect with any Android Smartphone running on android 2.1 or higher and interact to shows social network update, messages, weather, make phone call or reject call etc. Rather than being a standalone device, it’s just an Android phone accessory.
Sadly, the SmartWatch got no built-in speaker or 3.5mm headset jack to listen music but you can still use a pair of bluetooth headset. The device also offer fitness app to track your walking/running. Users will also be able to download compatible apps from Android Market. Checkout below the video demonstration of Sony SmartWatch in courtesy of Nick from androidandme.


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