January 19, 2012

IPv6 to finally go live on June 6 2012, countdown begins

We knew it had to happen eventually, but now we already have an exact date to look forward to. Google has just announced that it will be joining a bunch of other major internet companies in a coordinated launch of the next-generation Internet protocol on June 6 this year.

IPv6 is the replacement for the current version of the Internet Protocol, IPv4, which ran out of addresses quite some time ago.
So as of the start of June, more than 15 years after the official IPv6 specification was published, the world will finally migrate to it. It should be a pretty seamless experience and regular users shouldn’t be able to tell the difference, but if you have any doubts you might want to try this test page to see if you are ready to take the jump.
Google hopes that by June 6 2012 plenty more websites will join its cause and will make the transition even quicker.
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