February 11, 2012

Anonymous hacked the CIA

Anonymous hacked the CIA
Anonymous hacked the CIA

Traditionally known as FuckFBIFriday, this Friday turned into FuckCIAFriday. As hacktivists downed the official website for the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States cia.gov.
­At approximately 3.10 p.m. Eastern time one of twitter accounts related to the hackers' group announced "cia.gov DOWN. #UMAD?#Anonymous" 
The CIA website became the latest victim of a series of attacks conducted by the elusive group of hackers against US law enforcement agencies and copyright holders. As RT reported last week, Anonymous took credit for crashing the websites of the US Department of Homeland Security which was quickly revived and the FBI.
The CIA seems to be less prepared for fighting Anonymous than other agencies. If the work of dhs.gov was revived in mere minutes, the CIA site is still down even after almost an hour after the attack.
Two weeks ago, the FuckFBIFriday campaign the online group also released the audio of a conference call between the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and Britain’s Scotland Yard counterpart targeting members of the largely untraceable group.
Along with the secret audio leak, numerous sites feel prey to Anonymous’ crippling assault including several entertainment industry giants and government sites.
The websites for the US Department of Justice and Universal Music Group were among the first to go, with the sites for US Copyright Office, Warner Music, BMI, and RIAA following suit shortly after.
These attacks were in retaliation for a raid on Megaupload, where the feds raided the file sharing service site which led to more than 20 warrants being served and several arrests internationally.
We will bring you more details as they develop.


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