February 8, 2012

[Breaking] Ice Cream Sandwich for more HTC smartphones coming in April

The Taiwanese company is going to update its current mid-range phones to the latest Android version.

We knew we could trust HTC, and in fact after the already announced devices a second round is ready to be unveiled and we can already tell you about it.

In fact, thanks to a reliable internal source, we received information about an April release of Android 4.0 with HTC Sense 3.5 for the HTC Desire S, Desire HD and Incredible S. The three devices will receive the new firmware on different days during the month, and will follow the upgrades of the Sensation family (confirmed for February) and the EVO 3D (early March).
Thanks HTC for being always ahead listening to its customers and updating the most devices and not just the top ones.



  1. if i've rooted my dhd, is it possible for me to get this firnware updates? do i need to unroot my phone?

    1. I've got a rooted DHD too, running MIUI instead of a Sense ROM. Personally, I'm happier to stay away from Sense; I find it slows down the phone and hogs memory. However, the release of these 'official' ROMs is good news - as some clever developer somewhere will take apart the HTC updates and apply this to stock ICS from Google.

      This'll mean we can get ICS on our Desire HD's with working cameras and video recorders - instead of the 'nearly there, but not quite' ROMs already around!

  2. sounds kinda strage that ICS would come with Sense 3.5 shouldn't ics come with Sense 4 ?

  3. I was not so worried about it. When the Xl will get Ics then dev will port it in a week.

  4. I hope someone could port the dhd ics Rom with sense so that root users can keep root I am using RCMix 3D 4.0 I love it.....Android 2.3.5 and HTC sense 3.5 and if you think sense slows down your phone try overclocking the phone I'm at 1.6!

  5. hmm ..only 14 days left of April right now... not a sign of ICS for DHD. not a word or date...

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