February 6, 2012

Download Doptrix Android Game, A twist in classic tetris game!

Download Doptrix Android GameDownload Doptrix Android Game
You will hardly find somebody who didn’t played classic Tetris game. On first look Doptrix for android seems an alternative of classic Tetris game but it spiced up with a unique feature. While playing Doptrix, a player can rotate and flip the game board, and also be able to put the shapes in any dimension.
Doptrix includes three modes of play: Classic, Alternative, and Puzzle.
In Classic mode you’ll find familiar Tetris shapes that can be moved left or right. Creativity and ingenuity are elemental to high results.

Alternative mode features simple shapes, but this doesn’t mean this game will be easy. You can’t move shapes in this mode, therefore, it is essential that you carefully plan your play several moves ahead.
And the most interesting mode is the distinctive Puzzle mode, where you should solve, well.. puzzles. There are currently 20 puzzles and some of them are quite hard to crack. Why don’t you try and solve them all?
Best of all the game is absolutely free. Watch below the demo of Doptrix Android game and download it right away.

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