February 2, 2012

Facebook now has 845 million active users, won $1 billion last year

As you probably know, Facebook filled for IPO yesterday. We are not going to bore you with the technical information about it, as those are mostly of interest to banks and their corporate clients at this point, but the documents submitted mention a few quite interesting facts about the social network.
Obviously, the network still hasn’t reached saturation point as its user base keeps growing. By the end of last year Facebook had 845 million users, who formed 100 billion friendships, uploaded 250 million photos per day and generated 2.7 billion daily likes.
Impressive numbers, right? Well then you won’t be surprised that the company earned cool $1 billion of net profit in 2011. That’s nearly twice the $606 of 2010 and more than four times the $229 earned in 2009. The revenue reached $3,711 million, which sounds quite good too.
Still, according to those numbers, Facebook is still someway off the other internet giant and, since recently its social network competitor, Google. The big G posted revenue of nearly $38 billion and a profit of nearly $10 last year.
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