February 6, 2012

White Galaxy Nexus goes official in UK, sales start on February 13

The white version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus popped up on the website of a UK retailer last month after which we got to see an official photo and some live images of the device. As it turns out, though, the rumored February 6 launch date was actually the date Samsung madе the phone official.

So the press release came in today and confirmed that a white Galaxy Nexus is on its way to the market. You will have to wait just one more week to get it - sales start on February 13. According to Samsung UK, it will be available in a range of stores across the country, but unfortunately, there were no specifics mentioned.
If you were postponing your purchase for when the white (well mostly white - the front panel is still black) Galaxy Nexus hits, you should get your checkbook ready. There are no functional differences between the two and the pricing shouldn't be any different either.

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