April 18, 2012

ARM reveals its new quad-core Cortex-A15 variant

Chipset manufacturer ARM is famous for its Cortex A-series of processors, and today is decided to announce a new addition to the lineup – a quad-core Cortex-A15 chip. Basically, its purpose it to help system-on-a-chip manufacturers design their own products in a faster manner and with lower power use.
How will they do that? Well, by using the company’s new hard macrocell implementations of the Cortex A-series of processors. Anyway, it’s no use getting too technical here; the idea is that manufacturers will be able to get the same power usage as earlier Cortex-A9 chips and faster turnaround times for their SoCs. This implies a ”balance of performance and power”, which could easily be used even in notebooks or other fast network devices.
More details should turn up tomorrow, during the IEEE symposium in Yokohama. The chips in question are expected to start shipping in the end 2012.

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