April 27, 2012

Skype for Android updated with restyled IM view, faster app start and video rotation support for more devices

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Skype’s Android app got a new update and is now snappier than ever. The first thing you’ll notice (or not, depending on the phone you have) is just how faster Skype starts, which suggests engineers of the eBay-owned company changed a ton of things under the hood to make this happen.
Then there’s new instant messaging view that resembles Skype’s desktop app.
Finally, video rotation support is added for many more devices. Since Skype hasn’t shared the list, we can only guess they’re referring to some older models, or perhaps to phones that doesn’t rock WVGA screens.
Anyway, you should update as soon as you can. It’s a good practice to have all your software up-to-date. And if somehow you still don’t have Skype installed on your Android smartphone, get it now. Sure it’s not the cheapest way to make calls (other VoIP services cost less), but it’s by far the single most popular VoIP client out there…
Skype (FREE) [Google Play link]

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