May 2, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S 3 will launch in Blue and White

We received an anonymous tip that the Carphone Warehouse inventory system lists the Samsung Galaxy S 3 in two color versions. In other Galaxy S 3 news, Unwire HK got their hands on a screen protector meant for the upcoming Samsung Android flagship, which reveals its screen size.
The snap from the inventory system of the large retailer Carphone Warehouse suggests that the Galaxy S 3 will be available in two colors at launch - Blue and White. Has Samsung abandoned its typical black color?

Probably not, the Samsung Galaxy Note for AT&T is available in Carbon Blue and Ceramic White, but if you look at the photos from our review you'll see that the blue color is actually so deep that it's almost black. You can only see a blue tint under specific lighting there and we guess it will be the same with the S 3.
As for the screen protector - an Ultimate Screen Guard (USG) screen protector - it's too big for an HTC One X and its 4.7" screen, suggesting that the 4.8" rumor for the Samsung Galaxy S 3 was the correct one (4.6" was also mentioned frequently).

USG next to a One X • next to Galaxy S II • next to Galaxy S II LTE
It's much bigger than the Galaxy S II (4.3") and bigger than the S II LTE (4.5"). Also, notice the wider hole for the home key - it's what we've seen on most leaked images so far.
Source (in Chinese)

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