Today at the company’s earnings call, Apple has announced a total of 410M iOS devices sold, with more than $5.5 billion in payments to developers. In addition, the company has also shared that there are now as many as 255k iPad apps in the App Store, a feat that Apple reached for the iPhone back in 2010.
The app store has been known for bringing in some serious cash for select developers, but it’s particularly interesting to see the ratio of devices sold to cash paid out. Doing some math on these numbers, we can estimate that ($5.5 billion / 410M iOS devices) approximately $13 is paid to developers for each and every iOS device.
Taking this further, we crunched some more and found that Apple makes approximately $18.5 in app store purchases per device, keeping a cut of $5.50.
This news follows Apple’s earnings report for its third fiscal quarter of 2012. In Q3, Apple’s revenue amounted to $35B, with earnings of $9.32 per share. The company’s net profit in Q3 was $8.8B. These numbers ‘missed’ industry estimates slightly but beat Apple’s own safer estimates.
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