July 26, 2012

Google Adds Calculator to its Search

Google has taken another step to make the world’s most popular search engine, more than just a search engine. It added a 34 key scientific keyboard to its search engine which means solving equations could’ve never been more easier on the internet.
One might ask the need of a calculator in search engine (in a browser) when it is just a click away through start menu, but you will agree that power users usually remain with-in browser windows and prefer browser calculators (Google calculator in this case) over conventional calculators offered by operating systems.
Of course, this isn’t the first calculator in the web, but it is easily one of the most accessible because of the search engine’s popularity throughout the globe.
Here’s the screenshot of the calculator:
clip image002 thumb3 Google Adds Calculator to its Search
Since the calculator is scientific, it can solve basic equations and is capable of giving answers in both radians and degrees.
Although it may seem like a small step, but combined with knowledge graph (which was announced in May and provides facts about the searched query) calculator will make the search engine more functional.

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