July 21, 2012

HTC Flip-Flops On Desire HD ICS Release?

This time last week, we learned that the carrier Telus had started informing its users that, despite earlier indications from HTC that it would most certainly be releasing an Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Desire HD, the manufacturer had since changed its mind on the matter, apparently dissatisfied with the operating system’s performance on the handset, and was canceling its upgrade plans. That news sounded a bit odd, so we were happy to hear HTC respond to those claims earlier this week, indicating that everything was still on-track for the Desire HD getting ICS. We thought that was the end of this misunderstanding, but now things seem to be getting even more confusing, with HTC backing-down from its earlier statement, and releasing a new one that keeps the Desire HD’s ICS fate up-in-the-air.
In just a few days, HTC’s position has gone from that it’s “still on schedule to deliver an Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade” for the Desire HD to that it’s “currently determining the ability to support Ice Cream Sandwich on the HTC Desire HD“, and it will “provide more information when we’ve completed our analysis“.
That’s a huge shift from what we once knew of the Desire HD’s update, when it was scheduled to arrive sometime in July or August. With this change in HTC’s attitude, we’re also worried for the fate of ICS on the Thunderbolt, the Desire HD’s CDMA brother, once also scheduled for a July/August release.
Source: Android Central
Via: Droid Dog

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