July 17, 2012

Windows Phone 8 will reportedly support USB mass storage

Windows Phone 8 apps
The upcoming Windows Phone 8 may support USB mass storage for simple file management according to reports from WPDang. This rumor makes a lot of sense in light of the announcement that Windows Phone 8 will support removable microSD storage — the phone will likely treat microSD cards as mounted drives, so it's reasonable to expect that the device itself would be mountable on PCs. Following that logic, a fully mountable microSD card would mean simple, drag and drop file transfers by connecting the device via USB. This plug-and-play functionality would eliminate the need to use the Zune desktop software for file transfers and relieve a noted headache associated with past (and current) versions of the Windows Phone.
Update: Thanks AdamUCF for directing us to this post from WPCentral, which makes the addition of this feature seem even more likely.

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