August 6, 2012

Nokia To Announce Windows Phone 8 Devices At Nokia World, Says Bloomberg

We’ve heard rumors that Microsoft might be showing off some more, consumer-oriented, features of its upcoming mobile platform, Windows Phone 8, at the Nokia World happening next month between September 3 and 5.
According to a Bloomberg report, Nokia will unveil its next-gen phones running Windows Phone 8 at the same event. This would allow Microsoft to show off key elements of the platform on Nokia hardware. An early-September announcement would definitely beat Apple, at least in terms of official wording; the Cupertino-based company is expected to unveil the iPhone 5, according to rumors, on September 12. However, while the new Apple phone will probably be available by the end of next month, if the rumors are right, Nokia Windows Phone handsets will only be available towards the end of the year (with some rumors talking about October, others November and pessimistic ones about “in time for the Holidays”).
The Bloomberg report is quoting, as usual, “a person with knowledge of the matter”; as with previous rumors, there is no official wording (confirmation or denial) to back up the claims so we’ll have to treat this accordingly, for now.
Source: Bloomberg

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