October 16, 2012

Check Out Windows Phone 8′s High Contrast Mode

As smartphone platforms go, Windows Phone definitely makes a case for being one of the most visually accessible around. From the clean look of the home screen, to Metro design elements, it’s usually very easy to see and understand what you’re working with. In an effort to make a good thing even better, Microsoft created a new high contrast mode for Windows Phone 8, making UI elements stand out even more. As we wait for the new platform to arrive, some early shots of that high contrast mode in action have arrived, showing-off how it looks on the HTC 8S.
By going black and white, and downplaying background elements, high contrast mode really makes things “pop” on screen. Even if your vision’s fine, you might appreciate the mode for how easy it makes to read things at a glance, or just as a more reserved alternative to the bright and colorful motif Microsoft’s been pushing for WP8. Controls for activating the mode are included in the phone’s ease-of-access settings.
What do you think? Will you be giving high contrast mode a look once you pick up a new WP8 phone?

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