October 16, 2012

Motorola DROID RAZR HD review [Rogers]

Android Central
The Motorola Droid RAZR HD is coming to Verizon soon, but we’ve got our hands on the Canadian version to put through the paces. This is the first major iteration on the reborn RAZR from last year. Updates such as the RAZR i, the RAZR MAXX and the RAZR m have kept the brand fresh, but the Droid RAZR HD kicks things up a notch with a larger, higher-resolution display. At first blush, the Droid RAZR HD feels exceptionally well-built, but it comes at the cost of a non-removable battery and a rather steep pricetag (at least if you're buying in the U.S.). Is it worth the trade-off?
Let's give this one the ol' Canadian what-for.

The Good
Feels downright solid in the hand. Even the non-MAXXy version has a battery that just won't quit. Motorola's software additions to the core Android experience continue to be smart and useful.
The Bad
Even with all of the battery life in the world, some users will want to be able to pop in a back-up, and they'll be out of luck here. $199 on contract is a fair bit to ask, as premium as it may feel. Google owns Motorola, but they're still shipping phones without the latest OS.

If you’ve got the money for it, the Motorola RAZR HD is a top-notch Android handset that with a strong build and solid battery life.  

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