October 27, 2012

Mystery Windows Phone 8 Handset Pictured; Is This An Upcoming Huawei Model?

We’ve already gotten a couple good looks at some upcoming Windows Phone 8 hardware from Huawei, first seeing some blurrycam pics of the Ascend W1, followed by a render that appeared to match those earlier pics perfectly. Besides the W1, we had also heard that Huawei might be working on another WP8 model, possibly called the W2 and arriving as a slightly higher-end model than the W1. That’s certainly at the forefront of our mind this afternoon, as we check out some images of an unknown Huawei Windows Phone 8 device.
While the phone’s front could easily be mistaken for the W1′s, around back things are very different. Instead of a camera in the middle, slightly bulging out, this one’s offset to the side and appears to be flush with the phone. We can also see a speaker grille around back, and there’s a conspicuous absence of any sort of Huawei logo.
Ultimately, we don’t know if this is the W2, another upcoming Huawei WP8 model, or just an internal prototype never meant to see the light of day. Heck, maybe it’s not a Huawei model at all. For now, we’ve got more questions than answers.
Source: GSM Insider
Via: WPCentral

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