October 17, 2012

Optimus G Has Better Battery Life Than Galaxy S III

We know the Galaxy S III inside out as it is the most popular Android phone of the moment. The LG Optimus G, which we’ve recently unboxed, is the new kid on the block with its Snapdragon S4 Pro SoC and the best from all LG divisions in terms of components. Well, the two South Korean manufacturers are now competing directly against each other and LG claims its Optimus G owns the Galaxy S III in the battery life compartment.
We’ll be the judge of this claim in our upcoming full review. Until then, Korea Herald reports that LG tested both phones and the Optimus G allows for 15.8 hours voice calls compared to 9.5 hours on the Galaxy S3. The LG phone is claimed to record and play videos for 3.8 hours and 7.9 hours, respectively, while the battery on the Galaxy S III is only good for 2.8 hours and 7.3 hours. In terms of specifications, both phones have batteries rated at 2,100mAh.
As far as testing grounds and methodology are concerned, LG has set the brightness of both phones to 50% while they were connected to the same network. Samsung had nothing to comment on the matter.
Source: Korea Herald
Via: PhoneArena

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