October 24, 2012

Samsung, LG 1080p Smartphone Plans Rumored

Last week, HTC announced the first smartphone to feature a full-HD 1080p display. If you’ve been following rumors of such 1080p screens for a while now, you may have found it surprising that HTC was the first one out of the gate with a handset like this, since it was LG that announced a five-inch 1080p display all the way back in May. So, where’s LG’s 1080p smartphone? One new rumor says that we’ll be seeing such devices from both LG and Samsung during the first half of next year.
According to “industry sources”, MK News reports that LG’s finally going to release phones using that 1080p LCD screen it showed off so long ago. Samsung, meanwhile, should be bringing 1080p to AMOLED displays, releasing one or more models featuing such screens during the first half of the year. These rumors don’t get much more specific with the timeframe than that, but possibly we’ll be seeing these phones at the CES or MWC.
Beyond big names like LG and Samsung, Pantech may also be planning a push into 1080p, also looking to release a full-HD handset in H1 2013.
Source: MK News
Via: Android Guys

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