October 19, 2012

UK Court: Apple Must Go Ahead With Ads Clearing Samsung Of Copying Charges

Apple’s been experiencing a mix of good and bad luck in the courts lately. You may remember back in July that we learned of an interesting outcome to a case that Apple lost, regarding Samsung and claims of copying the iPad. The judge overseeing the case ruled that Apple had to run ads in the UK for a period of six months, as well as placing a notice on its website, where it would publicly clear Samsung of any accusations of copying its designs. Understandably, Apple wasn’t about to take that lying down, and subsequently filed an appeal. Now we learn that Apple has lost that appeal, and may have to go forward with abiding by the original order.
There’s still the chance Apple might try appealing again to the UK Supreme Court, but there’s no telling if that ruling would be any different. The judges hearing the appeal did throw Apple a few bones, though, like deciding that the notice on its website need only run for a month’s time, and could be hidden behind a rather innocuous link labeled “Samsung/Apple judgement”.
Apparently one sticking point for the judges was that Apple took things too far by accusing Samsung of outright copying its designs, as opposed to simply infringing upon them through the production of substantially similar hardware.
Source: BBC
Via: BGR

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