November 7, 2012

HTC and Verizon to announce Droid DNA on November 13th?

We just got done checking out the latest HTC Droid DNA leak to come out of Verizon, making it look like the carrier was nearly ready to introduce the five-inch 1080p handset, but not leaving us with any new information about precisely when the phone might launch. Well, that could all be about to change, as HTC and Verizon just sent out invitations to a press event for later in the month that will almost certainly be used to announce the Droid DNA.
The joint event will take place in one week from today, on November 13. The invitation itself doesn’t offer any specific hints about the hardware that will be on the menu, but considering how much we’ve been seeing about the Droid DNA lately, we’d be quite surprised if it didn’t find itself in the spotlight.
As we just mentioned, we’ve been courting two different rumors for when the Droid DNA might finally hit retail, looking at both November 20 and at a non-specific date in early December. This invite doesn’t really help clarify that situation any, as both still sound like realistic candidates, following a November 13 announcement. Either way, we’re optimistic that Verizon might come through with full launch details at next week’s event.
Based on a leaked MAP list, the Droid DNA could arrive on Verizon at just about $200 on-contract.
Source: HTC, Verizon

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