November 7, 2012

HTC One X+ vs. HTC One X (Video)

Back when we first reviewed the HTC One X, our chief complaint with the smartphone was that it was laggy. For a quad-core phone, that was peculiar and quite frustrating. Lag aside, we loved the display and thought the hardware was top-notch. So we were really excited when we heard about the HTC One X Plus, which is a significant refresh of the One X that, thanks to a faster CPU, ought to address these issues of lag. In fact, HTC claims that the One X Plus is 67% faster than the first One X.  Not only does the One X Plus have a faster CPU, but it has a bigger battery, the latest version of Android, and a better front-facing camera. In this video we help you decide whether the One X Plus is worth upgrading to from the One X, or if those in the market for a new Android phone should consider the One X Plus. You can grab one from our friends at for around $600 unlocked. It has the bands to do 3G on AT&T, and will get 2G on T-Mobile.

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