November 1, 2012

Mid-Sized Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet In The Works?

If you’re a fan of the stylus, Samsung is the manufacturer to turn to, churning-out models like the new Galaxy Note II and larger Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. While you’ve got some choice there, what if you prefer a more mid-sized tablet – something closer to the seven or even nine-inch range? Samsung may be developing just such a Note tablet, as revealed through some DLNA certification paperwork and the discovery of a User Agent Profile
The DLNA paperwork doesn’t delve much into about the device itself, but gives us model number GT-N5100. The GT-N prefix suggests that we’re looking at another Note model; the Note II is the GT-N7100, while the Note 10.1 is the GT-N8000. While this is largely speculation at this point, one theory is that the N5100 could be smaller version of the Note 10.1, though just how much smaller is still up in the air.
The UAProf info sheds a little more light on the hardware, naming a 1280 x 800 resolution. That sounds like what we’d expect for a tablet in the size range we’re talking about.
The idea of a device like this makes a lot of sense, as a seven-inch model could still easily be held in one hand while you work with the S-Pen with the other.
Source: DLNA, Samsung
Via: phoneArena

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