November 21, 2012

Samsung galaxy s4 specification leaked:Looks like an impressive smart phone

So much expectation is attached with Android operated Samsung Galaxy s4.Millions of people who follow Samsung is hoping that an extra ordinary next version of Galaxy S3 will surely hit market which will really unsettle the market of  those who claim to be the best in the field.Now indications are coming that Samsung has done some fabulous work on Samsung Galaxy S4 and the South Korean company wants to go big with its cash cow.
Samsung Galaxy S1v is rumored to have a 4.99 Super Amoled 1080 p screen with a 19020×1080 resolution having 441 pixel per inch density.This latest version may have quad-core Cortex-A15 CPU along with Exynos 5450 chipset. Another hot thing about this rumored smart phone is 13 MP camera.I hope that Samsung could come up with 13 MP :) because I have some doubts as Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was also in the news that it will include 13MP camera but in the end it came out with 8MP shooter.The reason behind was Sony couldn’t make enough sensors for Samsung as Sony has already in the deal with LG  Optimus G so now I can only wish that things go will otherwise Samsung Galaxy s4 will be the continuous third generation to have same camera spec in it.
Samsung Galaxy s4 probably unveil in CES 2013 which will be held in January but even then it can’t come into our hands before Q2 so you all guys waiting desperately for Samsung Galaxy s4 will have to hold your patience.


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