MacUser magazine has recently done a great job at envisioning how an Apple iWatch could look like. Although we have seen a lot of iWatch concepts lately, none of them have really screamed reality to me. They often times either look too futuristic or just aren’t something Apple would actually ship to the public.
MacUser’s concept on the other hand actually looks like something Apple would release, and I am sure you will agree with me. MacUser magazine partnered with 3D artist Martin Hajek to conceive, design and construct a plausible Apple watch. The end goal was to make the concept look like something you would actually buy from Apple, not something 20 years off in the future.
iWatch Concept
Adam Banks, Editor in Chief of MacUser magazine stated “We came to the conclusion that Apple’s most likely play would be to keep its watch as conventional as possible, with the feel of something classic rather than excitably innovative. This ruled out the ‘slap wrap’ design featured in a recent Apple patent, which harked back to the 1980s toy craze. We came back to the classic leather strap, something Apple could make well – like the iPad Smart Cover, for example – but for which third parties could also offer alternatives.”
According to MacUser the iWatch will be similar to the design of the iPhone 5, but may not feature a camera. It also believes Apple may come up with a clever solution for conserving battery life such as using piezoelectricity, which I wrote an in-depth article on awhile back.
All-in-all this concept is pretty realistic and uses certain technologies that Apple has patented in the past. It will be interesting to see whether or not Apple is actually working on an iWatch or if the iWatch will instead be a TV.